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Four Essentials for Climbing Fourteeners

I stopped by REI to get some new gear for mountaineering, mostly climbing 12ers, 13ers, and 14ers in Colorado. It was time to update some of my standard gear for one-day climbs, so I thought I would share my purchases with my readers. I bought $250 worth of gear that all fit into one small paper bag. As I can afford to, I update and modernize my climbing gear. Mostly, I look for lighter, more efficient gear. Things cost more and weigh less. Everything that I bought today, combined, weighs less than my jeans did when I first started climbing. The linked PDF only shows the four items I purchased with information on the gear and prices. I’m not pushing this specific gear or a particular brand. This is what I thought was best for me and my budget. The generic descriptions of what I bought are 1) base layer top, 2) wind protection shell, 3) multifunctional headwear, and 4) carabiners.

New Gear for Mountaineering in 2017

Climb of Mt. Audubon, Excerpt from Rocky Mountain Adventure Collection

Excerpt from page 70 of Rocky Mountain Adventure Collection, from my adventure story about climbing Mt. Audubon (13,223 feet) in the Indian Peaks of Colorado. This was the first time I had climbed over 13,000 feet, and my description of

the view from the summit.

Over fifty miles away and 8,000 feet below I saw Denver, nestled against the base of the Rockies. Straight east were the fertile plains and rolling hills of eastern Colorado, the rich farmland that received water (a life source) from the peaks that surrounded me. Towering into the clouds a few miles to the north was the dominant king of the northern Front Range, Longs Peak, (forty-fifth highest peak in North America, fifteenth highest in Colorado). To the south, a sea of mountains stretched over a hundred miles to New Mexico. To the west, mountains also stretched to the horizon. Miles and miles of snow-capped peaks, forest, canyons, white water rivers, and rugged wilderness filled the panorama. It was truly a view to behold. The view, the feeling of accomplishment and the beautiful environment made every ounce of lost sweat worthwhile.

If you have never been to the Indian Peaks, I encourage you to put them on your adventure checklist.

Mt. Audubon in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area of Colorado in 2013.